What to Remember About Personalized Cardboard Box Designs for Your Product


When you ship any type of product in cardboard boxes, you may want to consider having the box personalized with some type of décor or even a message. Your shipping boxes and containers can do much more than serve as containers; they can also work to create buzz about your product and help get it seen by more people overall. Note a few tips to remember about personalized cardboard container designs and having them created for your product.

1. Always include your website

If you sell product online, you always want to include your website on your boxes. Consider how many people see your shipping boxes every day as they're in transit, including postal carriers, people who work in sorting stations, office workers who open boxes, neighbors who see boxes waiting on a person's doorstep, and so on. The more people who see your website, the more potential customers you have. Your shipping boxes should be seen as mobile adverts and a website can give those customers all the information they need to actually make a purchase.

2. Go for color

Look at a picture of cardboard boxes all stacked in a delivery van and note if any of them really stand out. They're all typically brown and dull, and having yours stand out among the rest of boxes that are in a delivery truck can be difficult, unless you go for color. Choose cardboard in a bold shade or something that works for your product. For example, if you sell and ship children's toys, opt for strong primary colors. If you sell organic supplements, opt for a soft green to reflect the earth. If there aren't any specific colors you can think would reflect your product, choose something bright and bold such as blue, orange, or red. These will get your boxes noticed.

3. Remember packing tape and labels

When choosing a design for a personalized cardboard box, don't forget the placement of packing tape and labels. If a mailing label is placed right over where you've put your website or the packing tape blocks half of it, your design is pointless. Your design might include blank squares for shipping labels and a gap at the top and bottom so you have room for packing tape or twine. Pack up a blank box the same size as you want to have personalized and then use that as a template to see where you can add wording, graphics, and so on.


30 October 2015

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