Why Rely on Outside Duplication Services for Your Copy Needs?


Office copy machines today come with a wide array of features and services, and they are usually more affordable than ever before. Because of this, you may be tempted to invest in a new machine rather than take your large-scale duplication needs to an outside company. While this can be tempting, you might consider some very good reasons why it's better to use an outside company like AA Duplication Services (Vic) Pty Ltd versus duplicating your materials in-house. Note the following.

1. Different mediums

When you use a copier at the office, you may not have as many options for the mediums when it comes to the output of your materials. This means you may be able to make a paper copy, but not have the option to burn your information onto a DVD or transfer it to a disk for storage. You may be able to copy medical records with your machine in-house, but a duplication service can copy records, x-rays, camera film, and whatever else you may need for your business. 

2. Finishing product

When you have documents duplicated, you usually want them bound, three-hole punched, laminated, and the like. Doing this on your own in the office can take up valuable time that your staff could spend on other, more important work. Even if you get a machine with one or two of these finishing features offered, note that rarely can a machine offer every choice when it comes to finishing. You might find a machine that will hole-punch your documents but not laminate them, or staple your documents but not bind them with heat to create an actual book.

Additionally, if your machine's finishing feature should break or not function properly, you're back to finishing your duplicating by hand. A professional company will have several machines at their disposal so they can always get the job done as preferred and you don't need to invest in a laminator, heat binder, and the like.

3. Updated features

You can invest in a new copy machine that offers features for your duplicating needs now, but what about a year from now? That new machine may seem very outdated just as quickly as last year's smartphones. Your needs may also change as your business changes and grows. Today you may only need duplication of general court transcripts, but next year you may start to specialize in medical malpractice cases and will need copies of x-rays. Rather than trying to anticipate your needs with a new machine, consider outsourcing your duplication.


3 November 2015

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