Aesthetic Fundamentals To Guide The Graphic Design Of Your Marketing Prints


If your business relies on printed marketing supplies ranging from vehicle signage to brochures and even banner signs, you are probably in search of a graphic designer to create memorable prints that will raise awareness of your brand. However, a mistake that some business owners make when working with these professionals is thinking that the busier their print is, the more attention it will garner. In truth, any printed signs that function to grab attention should be legible and impressive too. Hence, rather than using multiple colours and an array of fonts, you need to stick to certain principles that will help make your printed materials stand out. As your graphic designer considers your ideas and adds their creative flair, you should also stick to the following aesthetic fundamentals that will guide the graphic design of your marketing prints.

Focus on the style and size of the fonts

Irrespective of how beautiful your prints will be, the first principle to stick to when working with a graphic designer is the size and type of font. Do not forget that when people are glancing at your prints, whether on an awning or a billboard, they will probably be doing so in passing. Therefore, it is essential that your font can be read in a millisecond and subsequently pass on your intended message. Firstly, pick an easily comprehensible font rather than one that is cursive and hard to read. Secondly, do not integrate multiple styles of fonts and sizes. Mixing up the fonts in the lettering can make the print seem confusing, and in turn, potential customers will lose interest when trying to decipher your message. Lastly, ensure that the font is spaced out with substantial blank space between the letters so that the words can be read easily, irrespective of the distance.

Integrate contrasting colours

The second aesthetic fundamental that you should abide by when working with a graphic designer for your printed materials is utilising colours that contrast with one another. Although back and white may be the simplest option to choose, this colour scheme has been used for centuries and will not add visual interest to your marketing prints. Instead, consider colours that are not typically utilised for the same print but still make your messaging stand out. A good example is by incorporating rich blue text on a background of vivid orange. The bright colours will catch the attention of your target demographic while simultaneously relaying your messaging effectively. One thing to avoid when choosing colours is not to select any random hues that simply contrast each other. Instead, focus your attention on a colour scheme that is relatable to the type of goods or services that your company offers.


7 October 2019

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