Aesthetic Fundamentals To Guide The Graphic Design Of Your Marketing Prints


If your business relies on printed marketing supplies ranging from vehicle signage to brochures and even banner signs, you are probably in search of a graphic designer to create memorable prints that will raise awareness of your brand. However, a mistake that some business owners make when working with these professionals is thinking that the busier their print is, the more attention it will garner. In truth, any printed signs that function to grab attention should be legible and impressive too.

7 October 2019

What to Remember When Designing and Ordering Business Labels


Business labels are often used, not just for return addresses on shipping boxes, but for use on packaging for individual products as well. These labels are like business cards in that they help to identify your business or product, and get your business name easily recognized and in front of customers. If you're thinking of designing and then ordering business labels yourself for any type of company, note a few important reminders.

22 August 2016

Considerations When Choosing Fonts For Your Online Business Advertising


Most people shop online these days, and the appearance of your business' website can be a key factor in whether visitors stay to browse or merely move on.  One important element in the graphic design phase of your website content and business literature is the font that you choose.  Read on for some tips on how to get it right. Why font matters The font style that you choose should reflect the image you wish to portray for your business.

27 July 2016

4 Sharp Tactics To Lengthen The Use Of Your Colour Printer's Ink Cartridge


If you use colour printers for your office or home, then you know the costs associated with running it over time. Colour printers are more expensive to run than traditional grey-scale printers because colour ink cartridges are expensive.  While the inkjet printer itself may cost as little as between $60 and $70, you must keep these pricey ongoing cartridge costs in mind. This guide equips you with sharp tactics to lengthen the use of the ink cartridges of colour printers.

19 May 2016

How to Save on the Cost of Printer Toner Cartridges


Printer toner cartridges can be a very expensive part of your overall office budget, and if you're self-employed and work from home, you may be surprised at how much they can cost over the course of several months or a full year. Fortunately there are ways of saving money on printer toner cartridges so you don't need to pay full price every time they get low, and can get more life out of each cartridge as well.

16 December 2015

All You Need to Know About Raster Images and Vector Graphics


Do you have some documents that you would like to print? Do those documents contain images (such as photos) and graphics (such as maps)? Are you wondering about the best format that you should use when getting those different images/graphics ready for printing? If your answer is yes, read on and learn some important information about raster images and vector graphics. Use this information to help you to prepare very captivating company marketing materials.

2 December 2015

Why Rely on Outside Duplication Services for Your Copy Needs?


Office copy machines today come with a wide array of features and services, and they are usually more affordable than ever before. Because of this, you may be tempted to invest in a new machine rather than take your large-scale duplication needs to an outside company. While this can be tempting, you might consider some very good reasons why it's better to use an outside company like AA Duplication Services (Vic) Pty Ltd versus duplicating your materials in-house.

3 November 2015

What to Remember About Personalized Cardboard Box Designs for Your Product


When you ship any type of product in cardboard boxes, you may want to consider having the box personalized with some type of d├ęcor or even a message. Your shipping boxes and containers can do much more than serve as containers; they can also work to create buzz about your product and help get it seen by more people overall. Note a few tips to remember about personalized cardboard container designs and having them created for your product.

30 October 2015

Questions First Time Buyers Ask About Photocopiers


When you are opening a new business, and you are thinking about renting or buying a photocopy machine, there are several factors that will affect the kind of copier you need. So if this is the first time you have ever rented or purchased a photocopier, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions to help you make the right decision for your company. Is There A Difference Between A Desktop Copier and a Free-Standing Copier?

28 October 2015