4 Sharp Tactics To Lengthen The Use Of Your Colour Printer's Ink Cartridge


If you use colour printers for your office or home, then you know the costs associated with running it over time. Colour printers are more expensive to run than traditional grey-scale printers because colour ink cartridges are expensive.  While the inkjet printer itself may cost as little as between $60 and $70, you must keep these pricey ongoing cartridge costs in mind. This guide equips you with sharp tactics to lengthen the use of the ink cartridges of colour printers.

Don't Change Your Cartridge The Minute You Get A Warning Sign

Many colour printers indicate that cartridges need to be replaced even if they are nowhere near the end, so you don't have to replace them as soon as you receive a warning sign. In fact, your ink cartridge is still likely to have a ton of ink for a couple of more printing jobs before you need to absolutely replace it, so don't waste your ink cartridge by throwing it away immediately.

Reduce The Amount Of Ink Used By Printing In Grey-Scale When Colour Isn't Necessary

You may not need to use colour for all your prints, so make sure you change the settings when you need specific types of prints. For instance, printing plain documents in grey-scale will decrease the amount of ink you use for any task. This is especially important for daily tasks that don't need to professionally be circulated.

Avoid Using Bold Fonts To Minimise Ink Use

The font of your document plays an important role in the amount of ink your printing job consumes. Keep in mind that using bold or heavy fonts take up significantly more ink than otherwise. Bigger fonts also use up more ink than smaller fonts. Before printing any written page, always check the document thoroughly to ensure that all fonts are properly aligned. You don't want to end up printing and wasting ink because of poor alignment and formatting.

Manually Turn Off Your Printer When Not In Use

Ideally, you should turn your printer off manually when you're not using it instead of directly unplugging it from the wall. When you turn off the printer manually, it securely houses the ink cartridge in the right spot. If you directly unplug the printer from the wall, the system doesn't have enough time to shut down. This abrupt shut down can cause ink to drip out, dry and choke the spouts.

Follow these sharp tactics in your quest to lengthen the use of ink cartridges in colour printers.  


19 May 2016

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