Why Your Company Logo Is So Important


In a world where marketers are falling over themselves to compete for the attention of the consumer, you will need to try and make your business stand out. This can be easier said than done, but you nevertheless have to come up with a unique selling proposition, good brand identity and, most importantly, a logo. Why is this latter element so essential, and what do you need to bear in mind as you design?


Consumers are always on the lookout for a solution to their issues, and it's your job to position your organisation so that you can supply their particular need. Your competitors will position themselves with good branding and design capability, but you've got to do something different and memorable.


Your logo has to make sense, first and foremost. It needs to grab attention, but it also needs to check a number of different bosses at the same time. Much will depend on your product or solution, of course, but if it is a high-end service, then your logo needs to exude luxury as well. If it is something that is relatively basic but needs to be reliable, then your logo has to show that your business is strong, resilient and likely to be around for some time.

First Impressions Count

Remember, first impressions are crucial. You'll only have one chance to get it right in many cases, and you cannot afford to get it wrong. You'll want your logo to be authoritative, fresh and innovative, and you will need to find a first-class designer to help you.

Studied Approach

When you work with a professional in this field, they'll want to get to know more about your business before they commence. They may ask you a lot of leading questions, and this will help them to draw up a picture in their mind of the ideal approach. Then, they may design your logo using specific fonts, colours, shades and tones, with key graphic elements. Their aim is to tell a specific story in as simple a fashion as possible so that they can get across to your prospect in that short amount of time.


When you create your logo, remember that it'll be seen in many different places. You will want it to be on your letterhead, your business cards, your shop front, your website and in a variety of other positions. It needs to look good, no matter the size or reproduction, and almost invariably, you will want to keep it simple.

More Advice

If you're unsure where to start, talk with a graphic design professional today. They'll help you to get on the right track and provide you with a logo that both separates you from the competition and creates a loyal consumer.


6 October 2020

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