What to Remember When Designing and Ordering Business Labels


Business labels are often used, not just for return addresses on shipping boxes, but for use on packaging for individual products as well. These labels are like business cards in that they help to identify your business or product, and get your business name easily recognized and in front of customers. If you're thinking of designing and then ordering business labels yourself for any type of company, note a few important reminders. This will ensure you don't overlook any detail and have labels that work to advertise your business and identify your product as well. 


When designing business labels, consider if you want your business name, product, or type of business to be more prominent. If you run a bakery, you may want to have your business name somewhat prominent, but call attention to the word bakery so that potential customers see that word and think about what's inside a box or plastic wrap. Using your business name, such as "Smith and Smith," may not tell them much about what's in the box and they may not pay attention to that business name. Think about what words will catch their attention, such as "fresh baked goods," or for other businesses, "beauty for today's woman," or even the phrase "best buy" or "quality product" rather than just your business name.


Gold seals can be good for sealing a box or packaging, but they can often be a poor choice for wording you want to be noticed by a potential customer. The lettering can be lost on that gold background. When choosing other colors for the words themselves, choose something that works with your product; green and red are good for produce, whereas brown is good for a bakery. Yellow also catches a person's eyes very easily. Avoid black and white or washed out colors that cannot be easily seen.


Fancy lettering may look nice on paper but once you print out a label with a scrolling or fancy font, it can be difficult to read. Consider how to opt for a more square or simple font, with perhaps a bit of a curve at the edges of letters or other simple touches. This will ensure a person can easily read your label even from a distance and, in turn, your company name will stick in their mind or their curiosity will be sparked about what is inside your packaging. They may then read your entire label and your company name will then be associated with a bakery, cosmetics, or whatever other product you're shipping.


22 August 2016

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